Social Empowerment and Building Accessibility Centre (SEBAC) Nepal, has come long away since 1997 A.D. in its effort to address the poor and marginalized communities through its intervention towards health, nutrition, sanitation, education, agriculture promotion, and income generation activities. Over the past 19 years SEBAC Nepal has expanded to 25 district.73 projects have been completed till date with the support of various governmental and non-governmental institutions to meet the aspirations of the people to serve the humanity by fulfilling their basic needs.


Establish equitable, well-developed and judicious societies across the country.

Mission and goal

Overall mission and goal of the organization is to improve lives of children, women, and marginalized, deprived, and disadvantaged communities through improving access to health, nutrition, sanitation, education, agriculture promotion, and income generation.


  • To promote and strengthen institutional human capacity and mobilize various resources for the development of Agriculture, Nutrition, Education, Public Health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • To build physical infrastructure, conduct rural and community development programs.
  • To conduct advocacy and capacity building programs to protect rights of women, children and ensuring gender equality
  • To conserve biological diversity and environment ensuring judicious use and sustainable management of natural resources
  • To enhance participation, transparency, accountability through advocacy and awareness raising activity for basic human rights and good governance.
  • implement farm and off-farm income generation activity through saving/credit mobilization and skill development initiatives
  • To implement livelihood and resettlement programs for landless, deprived and marginalized groups
  • To conduct micro finance program for employment promotion and sustainable livelihood, and
  • To conduct different program related to conflict management, peace building and mitigating climate change impacts


The organization's work revolves around four thematic areas:

(i)    Water, Sanitation and Hygiene/Health (WASH)

(ii)   Governance and Peace Building

(iii)   Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management

(iv)   Disaster Risk Management including Climate Change.


Our Guiding Principles

Central theme of the SEBAC Nepal approach lies in increasing ownership of the local communities towards the implemented projects for smooth planning, implementation, monitoring and ensuring higher level of sustainability. The key guiding principle are:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Transparency and    Accountability
  • Commitment
  • To improve coordination, linkages, partnership with government stakeholders, development partners, other local stakeholders.
  • Focus on community empowerment through capacity building activities in the community.