Thematic Work Areas


Working Area

Currently, we are working in 25 district of the country. This includes one district from Eastern Development Region, two from Central Development Region, one from Western Development Region, twelve from Mid-Western Development region and nine from Far-western Development Region.

Human resource

SEABC Nepal has an inclusive human resource policy. 345 staff work with SEBAC Nepal, where 20 are senior professionals, 62 are of officer’s level and 263 are of junior level. Among them 242  are men and 103  are women. SEBAC Nepal is committed to gender equity and diversity and is positively progressing in terms of diversifying its staff composition. Of the total employees 32 are Dalits, 62 Janajati, 75 Brahmins and 158 Chhetris and 18 from the Terai. Of the total 20 senior professional 6 women are in key positions.