SEBAC-Nepal abides by its statute, by-laws and policies. Its General Assembly (GA) formulates policies and makes decisions on organizational issues. GA consists of 41 members, including 17 females and four Dalits, who elect a seven-member Executive Committee (EC). 
EC plays an advisory role and is responsible for the formulation and implementation of various organizational policies. The majority of EC members are women. It has delegated its authority to a Senior Management Team (SMT) for day-to-day work. The members of SMT are staff members recruited by SEBAC-Nepal. They follow the approved organizational policies and guidelines, and an overarching code of conduct.

Profile of the Executive Committee

Mr. Remant Nath
Ms. Durga Kumari Thapa
Senior Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Bhim Bahadur Mahar
Mr. Remant Bahadur Bogati
Ms. Janaki Shah
Ms. Kalpana Nayak
General Member
Ms. Ramesh Luhar

The organization’s annual financial statements are subject to an external audit in accordance with the country’s national standards. The organization participates in project-specific evaluations commissioned by the Social Welfare Council of Nepal, by donors and other funding agencies. It is also open to financial audits conducted by external auditors who are hired by donors or project funding agencies.