We emphasise gender equality and social inclusion as part of our service delivery mechanism. We give due consideration to the needs and priorities of women, girls and children of traditionally marginalised communities and disadvantaged groups.

Our program seeks to ensure that marginalized people are in a position to claim and enjoy their rights to basic services. They include access to local resources, safe water, improved hygiene, sustainable sanitation,  nutrition and health facility, and participation in governance and livelihood opportunities.


Socio-economic empowerment underpins diverse activities we carry out under this theme. The activities entail campaigns against gender-based violence, harmful socio-cultural practices such as Chhaupadi, and caste-based discrimination. 

Training women and girls for enhancing their skills and knowledge, and strengthening women’s rights forum, youth clubs and child clubs with paralegal support are other complementary initiatives we have undertaken.

We have completed 17 projects under the theme of Governance, Gender Advocacy and Empowerment.