We take a multi-sectoral approach to development. Food security and sustainable development will help reduce poverty in rural communities where we work. We focus on agriculture, infrastructure, and climate change. For this, we take a two-pronged approach: immediate relief to food-insecure communities and sustainable livelihood development.

We facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills in climate-smart agriculture practices and environment-friendly technologies. Our long-term goal is to strengthen rural people’s agricultural livelihood and income. Our food security program is implemented through a multi-sector approach in collaboration with local governments and their line agencies.

Our activities under this theme include:

  1. On-farm and off-farm activities for income generation
  2. Food and cash distribution for work
  3. Facilitation for running Farmers’ Field Schools
  4. Promotion of climate-resilient agriculture/livestock practices
  5. Establishment of agro-vet clinics
  6. Contribution to formulating local agriculture development plans
  7. Technical and vocational training
  8. Participatory market chain analysis and linkages with micro-, small- and medium-scale enterprises for business development

We have completed 17 projects under the Livelihood/Agriculture/Economic Recovery theme.